Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for services at the SHC?

All active JU students are eligible for services at the SHC. Undergraduate students are charged a Student Wellness Fee at the beginning of the semester that covers the cost of the provider evaluation.  Graduate Student Wellness Fee is dependent upon the program and number of credit hours.  If you are unsure, please call the SHC.

Does the SHC accept my insurance? 

The SHC does not file claims with any insurance companies.  If you would like reimbursement for any labs, immunizations or procedures performed during your visit, the Walkout Statement, posted to your patient portal, can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.  

Are my health care records accessible by anyone other than my SHC provider and me?

Medical records are stored separately from your academic records, and only accessible to SHC employees who follow HIPAA guidelines. All visits, documentation, and health history are confidential and not released to anyone without your written consent. A PHI Release Authorization form must be completed before we can release information to a parent, spouse, significant other, or doctors’ office. 

Does the SHC provide excuse notes for classes? 

The SHC does not provide medical excuses for missed classes, exams, or assignments.  If the student is seen by an SHC provider a secure message can be sent to your patient portal confirming the appointment but approval of the absence or missed assignment is up to the professor. 

Does the SHC offer Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing? 

The SHC offers a variety of confidential STI testing for a nominal fee. You are encouraged to call the SHC to inquire about the cost and recommended tests. 

Does the SHC provide condoms? 

The SHC provides free condoms and offers education on safe sex and overall sexual health.

Does the SHC fill prescriptions?

We do not have a pharmacy onsite, but prescriptions are written by the provider during the visit and sent via an electronic medical record system to the pharmacy of your choice.

Does the SHC charge for missed appointments?

There is a $25 charge for missed appointments or cancellation without a 2-hour advance notice.

How do I pay for the charges applied to my account? 

Your student account will be billed for applicable charges under the classification of "Student Health Center Charges." You have 30 days from the date of service to make a payment. Please visit the JU home page, click make a payment and submit payment using the same method used for tuition or meal plans. 

Can my spouse, family member, or friend be seen at the SHC? 

The SHC only provides services to active JU students. 

Does the SHC offer Covid-19 testing? 

While supplies last, the SHC is offering free COVID-19 rapid antigen testing for all symptomatic students who are evaluated by an SHC Provider. PCR testing is also available through the SHC for a cost of $80. 

Does the SHC offer lab work? 

The Student Health Center offers a variety of laboratory tests. Costs vary per test. Our on-site rapid testing includes, but is not limited to strep, infectious mononucleosis, influenza, COVID-19, urinalysis, and pregnancy. In addition, we send certain tests to a reference lab for processing. 

You must first be evaluated by an SHC provider or already have an existing prescription from the requesting physician to schedule for laboratory testing appointments.